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Mr. Blessing Mani


In today’s context, we’ve always thought of customer engagement as something that brands do online while forgetting the hundreds of customers physically located in our stores. The social wall revolutionized the way Toni&Guy connects with in-store customers. It literally brought the power of social media into our stores and connecting our salons. The look on customers’ faces when they saw themselves on screen almost instantly, that was priceless. Some even thought of it as magic!

Mr. Blessing Mani

CEO of Paulsons Group (Toni and Guy India)


Toni&Guy has long been renowned as an innovator within the hair industry, bridging the gap between high fashion and hairdressing. Toni&Guy apart from offering one the best services in the business, was looking for an innovative marketing solution to help them stand out from competitors and engage with customers like never before.Toni&Guy hosted a social wall through a TV display to help the brand engage with customers in the store, creating in-store buzz and increasing organic reach on social.


In March – April 2015, Enqos created an exclusive campaign for Toni&Guy India called #WhatteyMakeover. The campaign ran in two select T&G stores in Chennai, India over a period of 30 days. The goal was to have customers generate content for the brand and post their brand experience on Instagram & Twitter. The Social Wall captured all this content and featured these stories on in-store screens in real-time turning customers into brand advocates. The Social Wall turned the in-store screen into a live a social engagement platform, resulting in an in-store buzz. Customers walked away feeling good being the ‘new face’ of a premium brand.


The campaign generated around 80 posts with an organic reach of 3497 and 12320 impressions on Instagram and Twitter.

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