Features & Pricing

Social media wall for Website

Instant Updates

Streams refreshed in real time. Refresh time ranges between 1-5 minutes after content approval.

Advanced Moderation

We will filter out the noise and showcase only the best stories you love.

Brand Content + User Generated Content (UGC)

Interweave your own content along with UGC from your favorite social channels and hashtags.

Customisable Layouts

Create a beautiful, on-brand social wall with the right colours, fonts and layouts. Everything that matters.

Multiple Content Formats

Your Social Wall can display Photos, Videos, GIFs

Multiple Displays

Ability to broadcast to different screens simultaneously

Let’s get started with your Social Wall

We offer one standard pricing for websites and for live experiences. We’d like to keep it simple.

Social Wall for Websites & Live Experiences


  • 1 Social Wall
  • Connect to 5 owned social streams
  • Update time - 1 to 5 min
  • Advanced Moderation - approve and disapprove content
  • Customise look & feel of your social wall
  • Digital Signage option
  • Email and Phone Support

UGC Campaigns & Social Media Management

Contact us for pricing!

  • Campaign concept and ideation
  • Content planning
  • UGC stream creation
  • Content moderation
  • Campaign graphic design
  • Campaign report

Frequently Asked Questions

What social channels can I collect content to display on my social wall?

Facebook – Showcase content from any of your owned accounts or pages.
Instagram – Display all public content from any hashtag or profile.
Twitter – Display all public content from any hashtag, keyword or profile.
YouTube – Display videos on your Social Wall from your YouTube channel.

Do content from my social channels and hashtags display in real time on my social wall?

Yes! Depending on your internet connection, content should appear automatically any time between 1-5 minutes. However, check your moderation settings to make sure content is approved.

Can I use SocialWall.live as a digital signage solution?

Yes. You can post your content directly on your Social Wall without the need of social channel.

How many social channels can I connect to?

Our standard pricing will allow you to connect to up to 5 of your owned social channels.

Apart from UGC campaigns, can SocialWall.live help my brand with monthly Social Media Management?

Yes! Our agency has over 6 years of experience in delivering on social media management and campaigns. There is a discount pricing for SMM services as you will sign up with SocialMedia.live. Contact us!

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