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#TakeTheLead Campaign

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Preethi Kitchen Appliance wanted to run a campaign on Social Media for Women’s Day on March 8th, supporting their print and radio activity. The campaign was to empower women and highlight the significant role that women play in society today.

Solution ran the #TakeTheLead campaign on Facebook to celebrate Women’s ran the #TakeTheLead campaign on Facebook to celebrate Women’s Day. The campaign challenged women to rise up and #TakeTheLead on various issues and daily life struggles. It highlighted women in India who have broken stereotypes and come out on top. It also encouraged women to share their stories with photos, videos which helped spread the message of women empowerment.
The campaign involved a giveaway which further drove user generated content.


Number of people reached – 325K
Number of reactions – 71K
Engagement Rate – 22%
Number of Photos & Videos from Fans – 331

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